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There are many survival necklaces on the market, and many websites that show you how to build different survival kit necklaces.

Why a survival kit necklace?
Simple; the only survival kit that will ever help you in a real life survival situation, is the one you have with you!

A survival necklace should be small and lightweight so that you don't mind wearing it all the time. The larger survival necklaces are great for wearing on camping, hunting, fishing trips; but they are not suitable for everyday wear.

On this page I will be experimenting with different styles of survival necklaces, as well as other small mini survival kits that can be carried on a daily basis.

My first survival kit necklace.

This is a small survival necklace I recently made. Survival Kit Necklace
It contains the following:

  • Mirror (for signaling)
  • Condom (for water container)
  • Water Purification Tablet
  • X-acto knife blade
  • Flint Rod (use with the back of knife blade for starting a fire)
  • Gauze (coated in Vaseline for a water proof tinder to start a fire)
  • Flashlight (led bulb & battery)
  • Fish hook (pan fish)
  • Fish hook (bass)
  • Fishing swivel
  • Mono-filament (10lb fishing line)
  • Mono-filament (50 lb for shelter, ect.)
  • Medical tape (multi-use)
  • Electrical tape (kit wrapping, multi-use)

Survival Kit Necklace
[This was the first try; I re organized and added more stuff later]

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