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Emergency Preparedness Downloads

PDF Emergency Preparedness Pamphlets & Books

Most of the following files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free by clicking here. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click on the links to open the file in a new browser window, or right click the link and "save as" to download to your computer (windows).

Emergency Agencies


Are you ready? (Emergency Guide Book)

Full PDF (21.07 MB)

Preface (55 KB)
Why Prepare (185 KB)
Basic Preparedness (1.14 MB)
Natural Hazards (a great resource; covers most disasters) (1.54 MB)
Natural Hazards_2 (a great resource; covers most disasters) (4.28 MB)
Technological Hazards (990 KB)
Terrorism (894 KB)
Recovering From Disaster (3.87 MB)
Appendix A (33 KB)
Appendix B (41 KB)
Appendix C (1.55 MB)


Red Cross

Food and Water in an Emergency (356 KB)

Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (275 KB)

Emergency Charts
Biological (130 KB)
Chemical (175 KB)
Explosions (330 KB)
Nuclear (90 KB)
Radiation (105 KB)
Vehicle (46 KB)
Shelter in Place Diagram (165 KB)
Family Communications Plan (576 KB)
High Rise Building (99 KB)



Teachers Emergency Resources
Physical Map of the United States Poster (695 KB)
Understanding US Geography and Weather (1.21 MB)
Ready Kids Emergency Activity Book (2.46 MB)
Ready Kids Stickers (749 KB)

Family & Children's Emergency Resources
C.O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.E. (2.41 MB)
Comic_1.gif (image) (547 KB)
Comic_2.gif (image) (533 KB)
Comic_3.gif (image) (481 KB)
Emergency Crossword (868 KB)
Hidden Treasures Emergency Activity Book (5.76 MB)
Pack It Up Matching Game (583 KB)
Emergency Word Search (1.61 MB)
Coloring Pages (4.21 MB)
Just In Case Family Plan (832 KB)
Family Supply List (1.22 MB)

Specific Emergencies

Natural Disasters

Emergency Information (17 KB)

Earth Quakes

(Lightning & Thunderstorms)
Tornado Preparedness Guide (1.75 MB)

Hurricane Preparedness Guide (1.22 MB)
Protecting Your Home From Hurricane Wind Damage (225 KB)

Winter Storms
Winter Storm Preparedness Guide (2.14 MB)



Water Conservation Fact Sheet (31 KB)

Wildfire...Are You Prepared? (336 KB)


Man-Made Disasters


Nuclear Fallout Shelter Plans and Construction - 1953 - U.S. from "the office of civil and defense mobilization" The Family Fallout Shelter PDF

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

  1. General Principles of Nuclear Explosions
  2. Descriptions of Nuclear Explosions
  3. Air Blast Phenomena in Air and Surface Bursts
  4. Air Blast Loading
  5. Structural Damage from Air Blast
  6. Shock Effects of Surface and Subsurface Bursts
  7. Thermal Radiation and Its Effects
  8. Initial Nuclear Radiation
  9. Residual Nuclear Radiation and Fallout
  10. Radio and Radar Effects
  11. The Electromagnetic Pulse and its Effects
  12. Biological Effects
  13. Glossary, Guide, & Index


Other Resources

Supper Baby Sitters Handbook (206 KB)
Power Outages (14 KB)
Planning Escape From Manufactured Homes (259 KB)
Family Disaster Plan (280 KB)
Family Disaster Supply Kit (166 KB)
Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book (1.65 MB)

How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations (251 KB)

Disaster Educators
Talking About Disaster Guide for Standard Messages (3.06 MB) (a great resource for everyone; covers all major disasters)

Disaster Planners
Tools and Models for Planning and Preparedness (A Tool for Local, Regional, and State Planners) (639 KB)
Bioterrorism Emergency Planning and Preparedness Questionnaire (for Healthcare Facilities) (140 KB)


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